Phase 1

Step 1 - Skin Purifying Cleanser - Cleansing - (150 ml)

Mild detergent created for all skin types. It is necessary for the preparation of the skin and to obtain a pH = 3.5, to allow skin penetration of the serum vitamin C (Vit C new patented LAA 15%) levorotatory form containing Vitamin C, grape seed extract, Vitis vinifera , polyphenols and resveratrol working together as a powerful anti-oxidant. It can be used to remove tricks and make up. It can replace the shaving products.

Instructions: Rub vigorously with your hands until it forms a smooth foam, continue to massage for two minutes, let stand a minute and rinse with warm water.



stage 1

STAGE 1 - SHAMPOO - After the shower use the shampoo with melatonin as a normal shampoo, letting it rest for about 2 minutes and rinse.





body 1


Body 1 – BODY PERFORMANCE CREAM – (5 fl.oz)

Firming Cream and against skin imperfections of cellulite - (150ml) 
Yuvavitae Body Performance Cream, permits to work on cellulite with a draining, lipolysis and detoxifying. To this purpose, it is effective patented composition Yuvavitae is used where the beneficial action of the cosmetic caffeine and theophylline which stimulate the hydrolysis of triglycerides, of Bioflavonoids, Rutin (vitamin P), melilot and other natural substances flebotoniche and lipolytic, in association with Vitis Vinifera, Melatonin, Vitamin C and Resveratrol. This chemical combination of conjugated natural antioxidants with the three active ingredients of Yuvavitae system, resulting in a perfect formulation with potential lipolytic and thermogenic favoring microcirculation. The combination of these active ingredients through the action of resveratrol and melatonin has the ability to stimulate drainage, promote skin circulation in patients with microangiopathy promoting the removal of stagnant fluids due to edematous role played by melatonin and resveratrol and the function lipolytic exerted better apparent from cafffeina and theophylline. And 'therefore the sum of functions is practiced draining, antioxidant, detoxification and speed of metabolism that makes Body Performance Cream an important ally to combat cellulite. The use of these active ingredients in the composition is indicated in encouraging a lymphatic drainage action in cases of heaviness in the legs by microangiopathy or trophic disorders of different etiology including skin laxity. This cream can 'be used in lymphatic drainage and circulation problems in the lower limbs. The presence of multivitamin complexes in combination with Melationina, Resveratrol and Vitamin C, allows the use of the cream in the prevention of stretch marks and as anti-stretch mark. 

Instructions for Use:  Apply the cream with vigorous massage and lymphatic drainage in the areas of the body represented in the bottom, where it accumulates cellulite. Apply the cream in quantity 'lower in the morning and higher in the evening respecting the circadian rhythm.



Phase 9


Eye Contour - (10 ml) 
antiaging solution containing melatonin, resveratrol, peptides, amino acids and vitamins. Clinical studies have found that melatonin has anti-oxidant action, anti-inflammatory, stimulates synergistically to Vit. C the production of collagen and serves as a regulator of the immune system function. The Bont L peptide mimics the action of botulinum toxin. This patented formulation acts by stimulating repair processes even after laser or chemical peeling or other methods directed to the eyelid such as after blepharoplasty. 

Apply a drop for morning and evening eyelid.